Noriko Muraoka

1 review

January 2020

Amazing!!! His skill has certainly helped me. Now I can focus on my goals. Thank you so much, Juan!!!

Charmin Mooney

2 reviews

December 2019

Juan's Studio is an Oasis where I felt such good energy engulfing me while sitting in his warm blessed loving presence.
His little dog added joy for me.
Life has been moving too fast and was feeling beyond my control.
I felt I could breath again the moment I entered his Psychic Studio and calmed down
Juan`s gentleness and loving spirit helped me as he guided me inward the loss of my loved one.
He Channeled him into our presence and this brought such comfort.
In reflection of my visit with Juan I realized I'm grounded now and able to move forward in Life.
Juan opened me to feel universal energy and the Spiritual connection between me and God.
Thank you Juan, bless you

Karsen Chang

5 reviews

December 2019

Amazing how he knows so much without me saying anything. He’s got a friendly and cute dog. Definitely recommend if you believe in readings.

Lindsay Lewis

7 reviews

December 2019

I am also an intuitive and do readings, so it's very hard to find someone accurate. Juan is the kindest, most sincere and helpful person I've ever come across. He's also extremely accurate and doesn't miss a thing. I was really impressed with everything about him- his professionalism, genuine interest and loving presence. Muchissimo gracias querido amigo! Lindsay

Deena Sangha

3 reviews

November 2019

Don’t pass up the opportunity to receive an amazing reading from Juan! I rarely post reviews but it was so great to receive a phone reading from Juan. It felt like talking to a best friend who only has your best interest at heart and will tell you as it is. He is one of the most spiritual, genuine, sincere and powerfully gifted psychics and healer I have come across and I’ve been to plenty. It truly is a blessing to have received a phone reading from Juan! Best birthday gift for myself ever and going to gift readings to my kids and friends now as well!

Vancity Reviewer

Local Guide · 26 reviews · 21 photos

November 2019

Incredibly gifted individual. Immediately as I walked in he began listing the areas of my body carrying a lot of stress more so, called out my knee injury. It was shocking how much in-depth he was able to go about my life and personality. Very spot on. I would highly recommend visiting him if you've been feeling a bit lost in life and need guidance.

Isabella howard

1 review

October 2019

I saw Juan Last week and my life changed, I didn't believe in Psychics, but after this experience with Juan, I know the Psychic World Really exists.
After I entered his office he told me right away, I am sorry your husband passed away, He is with you and told me precise details no way he could know.He also told me my husbands special name for me that he could never have known. I was so lost and now i have clarity.
He told me about his family lawyers trying to leave me with out a cent and described each one of them perfectly. Thanks to Juan I found the courage to fight for my rights .He told me things are already starting to happen.
Thank you so Much Juan. God bless you

Nav -

1 review

September 2019

I had a planned meeting with Juan, was not sure how it will go because it was my first time visiting any psychic.On meeting him just found as hanging out with a friend and who has a loving welcoming dog.He tells me why I am there to see him,we discuss some matters and got nice advice from him.He told m about my v next coming plan which even I don’t know and some long term ones which I am too not aware ,hopefully will be waiting to see them soon.i was there to know about some special matter which I am satisfied to have.Thanks Juan ,you are such a wonderful soul .Will surely come to see you soon.Will highly recommend who is seeking any advice.👍


1 review

July 2019

Powerful Spiritual Psychic. worth It
Juan The Psychic is the Most powerful , lovely Spiritual man I have ever meet. He can see everything about me right away. he just look at you and Start saying everything going on in your life.
My grandmother passed away 1 Month ago and I could feel her spirit next to me at His office.
I got the clarity I needed about my issues in life and with the photos of friends, family and even my coworkers , Juan told me everything about them.
He knew things about myself and my friends that nobody knew .
I highly recommend him. He is a real Psychic that is sincere,kind and He is not a rip-off.Already some of his predictions are coming true
Thank you for your Help Juan.

eve quigley

3 reviews

July 2019

I saw Juan yesterday and I was shocked how quickly he picked up my innermost feelings. I'm a very new widow as of March. He immediately said that he felt a lot of pain from my heart chakra, almost like grief. I was not wearing my wedding ring! He made me feel better that my husband is still around me and I just need to ask him for help and he will.
He picked up on a lot of my health idiosyncrasies which are all true. He warned me about a person who isn't good for me and to remain strong and it will all resolve by September. Again true.
Highly recommend Juan to anyone who needs help with finding their way


1 review

May 2019

Juan is the best Healer I°ever seen!
I have been suffering from insomnia for a long time and have tried everything and nothing works-I had one hour healing from Juan and felt so relaxed, I slept all night.
He also told me to meditate and using his psychic powers discerned that I need to eat beets once a week.
Im feeling much better with sleep and committed to seeing Juan twice a month for the healing sessions!Trust me this wonderful Healer Juan The Psychic is amazing.God bless Juan

Pierre Begrand

6 reviews

January 2019

What an amazing being to meet! I can not thank Juan enough for being so attentive, understanding and knowledgeable. I seen Juan 7 months ago and his reading has been super accurate! He is very Charming with much wisdom, i highly recommended Juan The Psychic :)) if you are needing clarity on your future!

Julia Jones

4 reviews

January 2019

Juan The Psychic saw my true life path, I am utterly amazed and so thankful.I just haven't been able to trust anyone - I am so amazed by what happened! I met him and his little dog (I this little dog is a healer) in his Psychic Studio on Davie - I was a skeptic but I had to do something to find out what is happening, I am so sick and tired of my life I was desperate to get answers. Well, he is the REAL thing! You can just his healing energy! When he read me he felt what he calls my vibrations coming off my pain body which he showed me are controlling my path, he moved my energies around and cleansed my chakras (I have never believed in any of this before-trust me I do now!) and showed me my life adversities he knew them without me telling them) and how to walk through it all. I didn't see it. I didn't want to believe it but its been three days and I am sleeping all night from the day I met this wise, loving and sweet healer, I am feeling the light. Thank you Juan for putting me back to on the path of my true self. God Bless You Juan....

Alex C

6 reviews

January 2019

I am forever grateful and lucky to have met Juan. I was extremely nervous and very sceptical upon my first meeting with him but he treated me like a long time friend which made me be my authentic self right away. His place is so cool and like hanging out at a friends home too. His super power ability to read people/situations is out of this world-he is so precise that it blows my mind away. He has been really really helpful so far and I always feel like I could look forward to my future after a session with him. I am a chronic over-thinker/worrier, so getting clarity from Juan has been a true god send for me. JUAN thank you thank you thank you for sharing your gift to the world, may everything you desire come to you.

He has a very cute and good dog called Marlena!!

Nichapa P

3 reviews

January 2019

Juan is talented and gifted, He amazed me by spot on things that I’m dealing with. He even know that I was waiting for someone to contact me and he could tell all details about it! He can read people from their pictures and it’s very accurate! Many things that he told me already happened and hopefully many things will happen soon. I’m truly recommend Juan to anyone who’s struggling with all situations. Will return for another reading for sure!



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