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Juan The Psychic / Paranormal Reader was Born in the mystical lands of Colombia, growing up in a culture that not only celebrated but encouraged the ancestral arts of clairvoyant connection to the Universal Energy. Taught at a young age of four on how to connect and embrace his special talent of being a medium and empath. 


Juan is from a prestigious third generation of psychics and was mentored by his grandmother and father. Nurturing and teaching him how to expand his ever evolving knowledge of this ancient art, while still remaining a modest and genuine healer.


Empty your mind of negativity and the universe will fill it with love, wisdom and bliss.


Juan has a dedicated daily practice of deep meditation, it is through this that he is able to collect his energy and be completely open to your energy and see with more profound clarity. His readings are conducted with the most sincere compassion and non-judgemental manner, making you feel at ease, safe and secure in finding the answers you seek.


Juan the Psychic is able to provide private readings in-person, by telephone/Skype/FaceTime, by email or through the postal service giving clients access to his full range of services regardless of where in the world you may reside.


Juan can help you with Love, Relationships, Marriage, Family, Friends, Business, Career, Investments, Health.


Consulting with Juan on a regular basis will keep you feeling stress-free, focused relaxed and at peace. Spiritual consulting is needed to untie the knots and keep your energy flowing freely.

Juan the Psychic Video - Vancouver, BC Canada

Juan the Psychic Video - Vancouver, BC Canada

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