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Distance Energy Healing


Long Distance Energy Healing

Distance Energy Healing is an old art that has been practiced for centuries in many societies. This special application of harnessing the universal energy is transferred from one person to another by sending the receiver healing vibrations. The vibrations are able to help with both mental and physical well being. The therapy can also stimulate the immune system allowing the body to self heal. The positive spiritual healing can also aid one from depression, being stuck in a negative mental cycle and to help guide a person with whatever they are needing. 

When somebody needs help to calm down or to feel more relax or grounded distant healing can help. The energy treatment is perfect to help one to relax, ease a busy mind, help to escape from obsessive thinking or to help change negative thinking a person has against them self. 

In this world and Multidimensional Universe everything is energy, our thoughts and intentions can influence the material world as the material psychical body we have.

Are you ready to eliminate your blockages, have a better quality of life and more positive and healthy relationships with people around you? Energy healing can help you to connect with your higher conscience.

​If you need advice, help and guidance to get what you wish to have and know that there is always something better for you, Juan the Psychic can help you heal from your insecurities or complexes that impede you from being your full potential.

Allow Juan to help you to find your divine purpose, find your passions, assist you in finding a happy full life of abundance and well being.

In the healing sessions the emotional problems giving rise to your mental or physical ailments will be released and your somatic symptoms also relaxed and disentangled. You will feel well and understand the meanings of your ailments and how to protect yourself from these henceforth. Juan will teach you on how to better attract things you want and need such as money. He will guide you from being worried about the lack of financial stability and being a slave to the quest of the concept of money to a state of abundance and attracting what you really desire and need.


Markus P. - Vancouver

He is truly amazing. I work as a psychiatrist in Vancouver West End. He is a true intuitive, and well trained in a variety of holistic healing modalities. He knows how to make clients feel instantly at ease, and he is outstanding at alleviating worry and anxiety. He has first hand experience in how to ease depression and anxiety without pills. His ability to give energy healings as well as readings is outstanding. Highly recommend.

Maria R. - Vancouver

Juan has a nice comfortable office. He  aligned my energies, taught me a meditation technique and gave information on guides. His ability to read people is excellent. He knew many things that I was planning or had experienced and gave information I can use going forward.

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