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Tuning into the Past and Present to better understand an issue to help move you forward to a brighter future

Mediumship -1 Hour Session


Get The Answers You Need Now


Mediumship is the ancient practice of mediating communication between the departed and living human beings. Practitioners are known as "mediums" or "spirit mediums". The practice is used to help a departed or the living to find closure and help move both forward.

Juan is a spirit medium in which he is able to leverage his psychic abilities and channel to the spirit world by listening, seeing, or sensing, spirits or symbols. 

Juan tunes into the energy of people or objects by feeling or sensing elements of their past, present and future as well as the spirit energy surrounding the person or object.

Juan communicates with spirits through the use of telepathy. The spirits of the dead, angels and spirit guides radiate his mind and body with thoughts and feelings that arrive in the form of clairs. That is he mentally hears (clairaudience), sees (clairvoyance), feels (clairsentience), and/or knows (claircognizance) messages from spirits.


Juan acts as an intermediary or bridge between the spiritual and physical worlds with the intension of healing both worlds. 

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