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Understanding Psychic Powers & Abilities

Updated: Jul 28, 2022

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Do you often wonder how psychics get their knowledge and power? Are those abilities a natural gift that only a select few enjoy, or can anyone open themselves to the spiritual world with some effort? It may seem magical and out of reach right now, but there are some simple ways to develop a basic understanding of the psychic world.

For starters, think of your brain as a connection point between your physical life here on Earth and an expansive universe beyond. Every step you take and choice you make is guided by thoughts and intentions within your mind. Some of them are not even conscious thoughts, but they're still there.

While it may seem that your thoughts appear and disappear quickly, they're still accessible to an intuitive psychic medium. From what has been to what is yet to be, a focused psychic or medium can access information that most people are unaware even exists. It all starts by opening your mind to a universe far greater than what we know here on Earth.

The Akashic Records

Imagine a vast field of energy that records every mental and physical event occurring on Earth. This field captures every thought that crosses your mind, every intention you set, and every action you take. Though you move forward in life and forget about the past, this collection of activity records everything for eternity.

That massive historical record is known as the Akashic Record, and it serves as a powerful field of information from which a psychic or spiritual healer can pull. If it feels like your psychic knows you on a deep level, it's because they have access to the record.

When you remain open to the process, you allow a psychic medium to access an extensive collection of intimate knowledge that most humans cannot see or feel. That takes being "seen" to the ultimate level.

The Art of Energy Healing

When a psychic disconnects from their own emotions and syncs fully with the spiritual world, they can pick up energy from people as well as photographs and other objects. When negative energy is detected, they can replace it with healthier, more positive energy.

True energy healing requires a neutral mind free of judgment on the psychic's part. This neutrality to the spiritual world allows a healer to transcend the human mind to access more intuitive information that is life affirming and changing.

The Truth About Psychic Abilities

When you think about a psychic or medium tapping into a field of energy that holds the past, present, and future, the psychic world may feel less intimidating or mystical. You realize that the universe can hold far more information than the human brain. While you may forget about something that occurred 20 years ago, there is a record of the event as well as all surrounding thoughts and intentions.

Nothing is lost as long as we have humans willing to suspend their personal beliefs and thoughts to tap into a deeper realm of existence. It takes time and deep belief to develop real psychic abilities, but it also takes an open mind to surrender fully to the powers of a talented psychic.

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