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How a Psychic Can Help You Overcome the Loss of a Loved One

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

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While the physical absence of a loved one is painful, sometimes the unanswered questions are just as troubling. As a trusted psychic medium, Juan has heard the voices of many people expressing those questions with sadness and confusion.

  • Did they make it to the other side, and are they safe now?

  • What happened when they passed?

  • Is there anything still on their mind or anything they wish they had a chance to say?

  • Did they have intentions for the money left behind?

  • Do I have their support moving on with someone new?

Juan connects with spirits of the recently departed. He can access information that may help you move on from the loss of a loved one much faster. Sometimes, just getting answers to those burning questions and knowing that your loved one is safe helps heal that gaping wound.

How Can a Psychic Medium Help?

Mediumship is the art of connecting the living with spirits of the departed. As the intermediary between two worlds, Juan is known as a talented medium. When working with a client who wants to heal after losing someone special, he goes beyond your typical psychic reading.

Most often, Juan asks his clients to provide a photo of their loved one. That is used to initiate a photo reading, during which he connects with the departed to answer those lingering questions that are stopping his client from moving forward in life. This process is called a medium photo reading.

When no photograph is available, the departed's name is used. Juan still has the ability to connect with most spirits to find answers to those burning questions.

The Benefits of Mediumship

Why should you schedule a medium photo reading with Juan rather than going to the nearest psychic for a standard reading? Any feedback from a legitimate psychic will help you heal from the trauma of loss, but photo readings by a medium do have some benefits, including:

  • You will have greater clarity and direction after connecting directly to the spirit of your loved one. Your reading isn't limited to what happened in the past, allowing more depth in the answers you receive.

  • You'll discover the realness of the afterlife. From ghosts and ghouls to the spirit you wish you could bring back to life, the afterlife is undeniable once you experience the work of mediumship.

  • You will pick up on signs that your loved one is really present during the photo reading.

  • It gives you the opportunity to answer troubling questions and fix problems that still weigh heavily on you.

  • This is your opportunity to say those final words that you didn't get a chance to speak before the passing. It's not too late to speak your heart.

As long as you're working with a legitimate psychic with proven abilities, a psychic reading will help you move on from even the most unexpected or troubling loss. Juan looks forward to helping you find your peace.

Book your appointment online for your photo mediumship reading in the office or online.

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