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Updated: May 27, 2020

What you are saying about Juan the Psychic - Customer Reviews

Patricia. November 14-2017 Review from Google

Wow! Very accurate! Some of the things that came up in my reading have already happened.  Will be returning for many readings.  Juan is awesome.   :)

Sandy Hansen October 16-2017

Juan is a really friendly guy, he was able to describe personalities quite accurately based on photos and also gave me some good advice on what nutrients I'm lacking and should be consuming more.

Kevin T . MAY 10-2017

I just had a reading by Juan, it was a very peaceful setting and a meaningful experience. Topics were relevant and he was very good at reading people and situations in my life (I found myself agreeing with his findings without having told him anything about the person or situation). Gave lots of practical advice on small things I should change. I left his place feeling very energized and cleansed of negative energy. Really happy I went!

Thank you Juan!! 5 star experience!

Erica Robinson MAY 12-2017

Thank you so much for this, Juan. Your kind words mean a lot to me and are very helpful.

I am extremely grateful for your guidance over this past year. I really can't overstate how much you've helped me to move forward in the right direction. In addition to giving me helpful information you've taught me a lot about how to make choices and direct my life in ways that feel right and meaningful. You're such and kind and beautiful person.

Juan did an email reading for me. I myself am gifted still young and learning but have a very powerful intuition, and I myself have had bad experiences with psychics... however, he was amazing! I was very drawn to him. Everything he said its like deep inside of me I already knew he was confirming it. The things he said even about my health were spot on and I had told him nothing. I highly recommend and will be going back to him every time I need a new reading! Beyond happy I found a reliable psychic. he doesn't flaunt his gifts, he genuinely wants to help others!! Soooo happy!

Spokie 141.  April 14-2017

Juan is a very pleasant and sensitive person. I enjoyed his reading and am looking forward to my future life. Thank you

Luc Ortelly. March 15-2017

Juan is a very impressive and gifted person. I was truly amazed by his abilities to be so spot on with the things I'm currently dealing with. He gave me the strength to follow my heart and take decisions I needed to take. I can truly recommend Juan to anyone who is struggling with overthinking situations, and feeling uncertain.

Dustifer Bellum. December 2016

Very welcoming, accurate and has a great vibe. Would highly recommend.

Worlok Death. October 2016

Very helpfull tried to help me with what mess has been going on.

Angel A, Sunset Vancouver October 8-2015 I met him last Thursday, and he really found something within myself nobody do it.

Y.V White Rock BC

This man is an incredible spirit, he is warm, welcoming and VERY INSIGHTFUL. He helped me answer a multitude of different questions I have and never sugar coated anything to please my expectations. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND anyone seeking guidance to go see this man. You have to be open, meditate, vulnerable and open your aura so that he can really connect with you. If you are closed off or have spiritual blocks no one can help you. Be open.

Shay P, Vancouver BC September 02-2009

I am amazed by Juan's psychic abilities! He has helped me with both my career and my love life. He told me things that no one could have possibly known.  Also a kind and generous person, you will be happy to meet him. He is an authentic and gifted man!   

Kara D Sechelt, BC June 25-2015

Had the pleasure of experiencing Juan right in the heart of Vancouver's gay village. Juan was very approachable and had amazingly great energy. He immediately made you feel relaxed and at ease.

His intuitive skills are quite remarkable and was able to read various aspects of my life and help me understand what some of my road blocks could be and how I may want to over come them. I have always been a believer of "You do not know what you do not know, until you know what you did not know" so with the knowledge of the unknown I was able to make some positive changes.

I have also visited him on another occasion as I was suffering from a very intense migraine. He was able to use his skills at energy work to help relieve that blockage. Amazing.

Well worth the investment even if you are a skeptic.

Ainsley L.Vancouver, BC April 3-2015

I saw Juan's advertisement on Davie street yesterday, it says, one questions for free. I went up to his office on the 3rd floor, Juan was a very warm and welcoming host. There are cystals and nice burning sage scent in his workspace. I felt instant comfort around him.

Without me telling him anything, he picked up a number of things which are specific and accurate about me. He told me there was an opportunity for me to relocate recently, but I gave up the opportunity and chose to stay in Vancouver ( I was in a long distant relationship and thinking of moving there but I broke up with that guy recently), and he said I have exams coming up soon and I will do well (final exams are scheduled in a month) and he said I recently ended a relationship which wasn't good for me anyway. He also picked up a few things about my characteristics and explained to me the truth behind my recent breakup. Everything he said about my ex and the relationship was accurate and detailed. I was very shocked by the accuracy and depth he portrayed in the reading.

He also told me about his journey of becoming an energy reader, he saw aura and the number of spirit guides I have. The reading was in depth and insightful. I have never been so looking forward to the future. He said I will meet a new person who is a much better fit for me and also ready for commitment in July. Also, I will be traveling a lot from this year. I will give 6 months for his prediction to come along. Nevertheless, he is a genuine guide who carries kind and good energy. It was a blessing to know about Juan.

Julia V. Vancouver, BC February 26-2014

I have been to many psychics over the years so I can say from experience that Juan is truly a godsend.  He has illuminated the path before me and his predictions have been spot on. So I now to see him for   several a years. I have referred several friends and associAtes and I hear back from hem that they are very satisfied ...I think for me I like best of Juan after the fact he is an amazing psychic is at he is such a genuine person. There are so many charlatans out there just taking money with no talent or gift at all.....I can assure you Juan is NOT one of those. He truly talents and his prices are always the same. He doesn't jack up his prices when you are in difficulties like other psychics have tried on me to make more money.  He is honest, gifted, and sincere. For a great psychic readiNg see my Juan.

Catherine M. Vancouver, BC February 25-2014

Juan is awesome and a so good real psychic soul.He is an angel.I have been going to see him for the last 5 years twice a month.

He is always right about things and in my opinion Juan is one of the best psychics in British Columbia.I have been to many psychics and  I prefer Juan due to his amazing gift to read from photos and from my spiritual energy.He can tell you what's going on with  somebody just with a name or a photo and he is always right. Also Juan always gives you extra time at no charge.Even if he is busy ,he  will find the time  to see you or talk to to you on the phone. If you need answers go to see Juan the angel. God bless you Juan

Amy L. Calgary, ALBERTA January 26-2014

My friend and I came to Vancouver for the weekend and thought why not go see a psychic, as we had some questions we were looking to be answered.     I read the reviews for Juan before booking an appointment but found mixed reviews. After an hour long reading ($100) we were satisfied that Juan does have a gift. I would say that about 75% of what he said was accurate and the remainder just seemed off and not so relevant as it was about people in our lives and their personality trails and characteristics. He did of course mention certain things that haven't happened yet so who knows.    If given the option I would visit him again if in Vancouver.  He is a very nice genuine guy with I believe good intentions

Sabrina Brisbane, Australia February 21-2012

He is so amazing with his gift of seeing!!  I highly recommend him as a psychic reader!  Kind, caring, compassionate, and accurate

I have been too many psychics in the past who have scammed me for my money and promised things that they were unable to deliver. Finally after all that trial and error i found Juan. He is very kind, funny but honest at the same time. I was shocked at how much he knew without me even saying a word. I was also surprised at how accurate he was and how much detail he knew about everything we talked about. I have recommended him to my close friends and will continue to do so as he is the best. Now that i have found Juan, i have no need to go to any other psychic. From the bottom of my heart, Thank you Juan,i was so frustrated about my situation but you cleared the confusion for me, and now there is light at the end of the tunnel. I look forward to future meetings. :)   S.J   


I contacted Juan some months ago when I needed some guidance for my business and I was really pleased with his practical accurate approach and advice. I highly recommend Juan as an honorable, accurate and genuine guide with a high level of honesty and generosity. I am available for any further reference through my e-mail:

Recommended by Bina I have been to many psychic and tarot readers with many doubts.  The first face to face meeting with Juan, was very positive.  He saw my friend first and had the opportunity to listen in, it blew my mind in how told my friend that he will be going on two trips one closer another one overseas.  Both of which are true.

Now came my turn, I kept open heart, mind and soul.  It was a positive reading, could not believe he knew I signed up for a cooking class (in this case cake decorating) my friend knew this.  Many other things were revealed during this reading.

I would recommend Juan to my friends, also do not hesitate in e-mailing me at if anyone wants more info on the reading.

Juan you have a good heart and soul, god has gifted you in guiding people.  God bless you!  


John Walker

My name is John Walker and I would like to say that the first time I met Juan, I feel the energy of God around him.... He has a childlike innocence about him that allows you to feel safe enough to really open up.....He is really connected with some very powerful beings of light and love and when you are ready to let him lift you up and help him you will just need to call him.....Please allow yourself to have this amazing life changing energy to come through you.   You have to just trust yourself when you hear the voices telling you to come....Always trust your highest self when it comes to healing.... Your truth will always set you free... and our friend Juan can help you to access your own truth, gifts and wisdom.... He is a truly gifted energy healer who wants to inspire you to new heights.... Please give him a try and with your energy together combined you can both begin to create some truly amazing miracles...You can begin to experience the fullness of who you truly are....a being of light and love meant to share your light with others in these exciting times....

Come and be loved and surrounded in loving energies of bliss..... and energy from the angelic realms...Your angels want to reach you... and Juan is an amazing channel of these healing energies that are available to us all....All we need to do is ask and we shall recieve.....Please if you would like to ask me any questions about Juan's services don't hesitate to give me a call at 604-345-1055 Start to manifest your true desires and align with your true prupose...Now is the time!!!!!We are all a part of the Divine and we are here to experience our own fullness...we are in a dance of creation... come and allow yourself to be refreshed and your energy renewed...You deserve to feel great...Shift your core beliefs...Healing does not have to take a long time...You are a precious child of the universe.... J.Walker,

************************************************************************** Kara De Tracey

From the moment i sat across from juan, i could feel his gift. He took my hands and proceeded to describe to me very specific things about my past, present and future. I never provided him with any information or cues about my life. i feel honoured to have spent time with such a pure and gifted spiritual man. I highly recommend Juan to anyone who wants to receive guidance from a true psychic. thank-you Juan.

Jose V. Geraldino

Hi everybody, my life was passing for difficult times, doubts about my present situation, work, love and trust, etc. I was fortunate, because a friend of mine told me about Juan and told me that he is great, he makes you feel safe about cheering your personal live with him, after you see Juan you will see how precise he can see details of your life that only you know, he can help you to  understand yourself. Now I am proudly recommending him, you will not lose your time, you will clarify your doubts and also he is so friendly. You will feel him as he has been your friend forever.

Thanks for your help Juan. With love, Jose V. Geraldino

Juan the Psychic book your session today!
Juan the Psychic book your session today!

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