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Ayahuasca - the journey to the great beyond

Traditional Ayhausca in Colombia with a shaman.

Yagé the common name in Colombia for Ayahuasca is the ancient and traditional method of connecting to the spirit world.

Ayahuasca tourism

It is essential to remember that Yagé, ayhausca, is not a recreational drug and therefore, should NOT be taken recreationally. It must be administered under the guidance of someone knowledgeable of the substance like a shaman.

A carefully planned diet in the week leading up to your supervised ayahuasca experience is critical. This includes avoiding red meat, dairy, fatty foods, and alcohol. It is also recommended to abstain from sex in the weeks beforehand.

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Aug 21, 2023

Juan, you could organize clients to do this. Destination with a small group?! Lynda. North Van

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