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Blue Moon today Manifestations

Full moons bring strong, emotional energy that encourages us to leave behind what no longer benefits us. Try these 3 manifesting methods on Blue Moon Day.

Express Gratitude: A core principle of manifestation involves expressing gratitude to the Universe. Consider listing three things you desired around two and a half years ago (which is the length of a blue moon's cycle) that have now become a reality. Taking a moment to thank the Universe for fulfilling your past desires will align you positively to attract more.

Engage in Self-Reflection: Full moons are ideal for looking within, but the presence of determined Saturn during this particular lunar phase might make it challenging to notice the progress you're making toward your long-term goals.

Connect with Nature Earth: While Pisces has a connection with the ethereal, it's essential to stay grounded in the physical world. Spending time outdoors and acknowledging the beauty of the natural world demonstrates your readiness to collaborate with the Universe. Since Pisces embodies empathy and compassion, infuse those qualities into your appreciation for the Earth's wonders.

God bless you 😎🙏

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