"We don't meet people by accident.

They are meant to cross our path

 for a reason.

Meet Juan the Psychic


Over thirty years in providing counselling and psychic spiritual guidance by reading energies and 'seeing' how you can improve your life.  Having the gift of being able to fully sense your present, past and future.

I am a strong healthy intuitive psychic. I 'see' problem areas and provide guidance. I am a powerful clairvoyant, clairsentient and usually read without any tools. I am a pure medium.

I also provide distance healings and readings.

Psychic Photo Readings 


You can obtain a world of information from just one photo. Uncover qualities, traits and secrets about the people in the photo.

Find comfort after a loved one's death you may get a feeling of peace and find it easier to come to terms with your loss.

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Gifted Psychic


Allow me to help guide you and provide answers that may be weighing heavy on you.  Choose from a psychic reading, psychic photo reading, psychometry, energy reading, energy balancing, Tarot reading, spiritual reading, and life coaching.




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Juan the Psychic

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